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Episode 5-Deadlift For Sprinting

The Deadlift is such an important exercise for sprinting yet some coaches avoid implementing them for maximum effort movements and others think they are too dangerous to use. In this podcast Louie Simmons with Tom Barry and Brian Silfies get to the bottom of this and explain why,how and where to implement the deadlift to decrease sprinting times.


Episode 4-Facts and Fallacies of Strength Training For Sprinting

I this episode Louie Simmons provides in-depth insight on on 40 yards sprint training, sprinting for track and field, implementing jumping and its volume, strength training to run faster, injury prevention, and lots lots more. This is a must for any coach or athlete to listen to!


Episode 3-A Review of Resistance Bands In Academia and Strength Training

In todays bitesized podcast Louie Simmons and Tom Barry were inspired by a publicized study on resistance bands to discuss even further about correct use of resistance bands in training, the correct percentages to use, fallacies of some studies and lots lots more.

Hope you enjoy.

Episode 2-Hamstring and Knee Injury Prevention

In this Episode Louie Simmons, Tom Barry and John Quint discuss in great detail the role of hamstrings in all sports. Why there is such a high rate of hamstring and knee injury and what can be done to prevent injury or how to greatly reduce the chance of an injury occurring.

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Westside Barbell 

Episode 1-Eccentrics

In our first podcast Louie Simmons Owner and Founder of the World famous Gym Westside Barbell along side John Quint (Neuromuscular therapist and Active Release Technique provider) and Tom Barry (BA Exercise and Health Science and Westside Barbell Special Strengths Certified Coach) discuss Eccentrics and the role they play in athletic training. 

Hope you enjoy