In this episode, John Quint joins Louie Simmons and Tom Barry to discuss the injury rate in the NFL. Within the first week of 2019, the NFL lost about half a billion dollars for starters not playing.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Optimal training
  • Minimizing injuries
  • Training environment
  • And much more!


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Louie Simmons is widely regarded as the 'Strength Coaches', Strength Coach' and is the founder of the world-renowned gym called Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. Westside Barbell is an invitation-only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive.


Our goal is simple: “To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.” This gym has produced more world records in powerlifting than any other in the World, and Louie has been regarded as one of the main reasons that the conjugate style of training has been popularized in today's training methods.


In today's podcast, Louie Simmons is joined by Coach Josh Bush who is the base Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fort Knox for Reef Systems.


This is a phone in question and answers based podcast, so advanced apologies for any patches of inconsistent volume.


Stay Strong!


Westside Barbell

In this podcast, Louie Simmons shares the real history of Westside Barbell and what impact the original
Westside Barbell Club in Culver City had on him. From training as a twelve-year-old in this basement
all the way up to the current location of Westside Barbell. Find out why Westside Barbell has
become what it is today in a way that only Louie can tell.

The past training years resulted in Louie’s first book, the Book of Methods. Here you can find the
collection of training methods which were obtained in 30 years. The 3-week wave system, circa max,
delayed transformation, accommodating resistance and much more, it’s all there.

Video Index:
00:00:12 – The effect of the original Westside Barbell club in Culver City
00:02:22 – What made you choose their methods?
00:04:41 – First equipment and exercises after the army
00:07:29 – First training partners
00:08:56 – How people found Louie
00:09:18 – The effects of having training partners
00:11:35 – Equipment in the basement
00:12:24 – Looking for an edge
00:12:35 – The reverse hyper
00:13:35 – Post-training assessment
00:14:12 – Westside Barbell locations
00:15:18 – World record holders
00:16:35 – Westside women
00:17:06 – The four greatest lifters
00:17:52 – Asking questions
00:18:40 – Why do you always answer every question now?
00:20:41 – Garage stories
00:22:20 – Hardcore attitude
00:24:28 – No time to change
00:26:03 – Don’t miss lifts
00:26:49 – (John) Blacks Health Club
00:28:01 – George Crawford
00:29:33 – Psychology
00:30:22 – The first generation of lifters
00:31:32 – Team = Family
00:33:29 – Woman of Westside Barbell
00:33:52 – Demorest
00:37:20 – Eskil Thomasson (Sweden)
00:39:34 – Gym competitions
00:41:02 – Dave Tate
00:42:54 – The current Westside Barbell location
00:43:28 – Meets & Records
00:46:23 – Unbelievable stories
00:50:48 – Matt Wenning
00:51:57 – Best day and worst day
00:55:31 – Can’t
00:56:38 – Hilltop fights

Louie is going over some crucial teaching points for those wanting a better bench.

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Article - How to bench 500lbs Easy!

In this episode, Louie Simmons sits down with Westside's newest member Jeremy Smith to talk all things training.

Jeremy is a dwarf powerlifter from West Grove Pennsylvania and is breaking perceptions and world records to show the world that with hard work and dedication you can overcome anything with the right mindset.


More Info on Jeremy

Peter Bremner is the number one deadlifter in Ireland and the newest recruit to join Westside Barbell. In this podcast, Louie sits down with Peter to find out about his training and his thoughts on training at Westside.

This podcast is sponsored by the Conjugate Club.

For more information, please go to

In this episode, Louie sits down and talks training with Nick Showtime of Showtime Strength. They go in-depth on strength training for Softball and go over common coaching mistakes made when in the weight room working with athletes. 


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In this episode, Tom Barry talks with UFC fighter Matt Brown to discuss the athletes perspective on a good strength and conditioning system and coach. To watch the full video of this interview head over to and become a member today.


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Westside Barbell 

Louie sits down with world known powerlifter Dan Green.

Dan’s best meet total in the 242’s is 2210lb, and best pulls in the gym are an 881lb sumo and a 900lb conventional. In this episode, they discuss the difference (if any) when it comes to bodybuilding vs. powerlifting in terms of volume for strength maintenance.

Additionally, they go into depth when it comes to deadlift philosophy, rep ranges, and cues.


We hope you enjoy!


Westside Barbell

In this episode brought to you by the, Louie Simmons sits down with Westside's resident World Record holder Dave Hoff to discuss his powerlifting career, his journey through Westside Barbell, how he trains with some bench press tips, and lots, lots more.

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