June 10, 2022

Westside Barbell Podcast #50 - Jim Seizter, The First Member

Jim Seitzer has an elite total of 1824.3 and is a former Mr. USA. Jim was a founding member of Westside Barbell, training under Louie back in the Basement Days through various inceptions of Westside. He is also the Founder of Bandbell (https://www.bandbell.com/), a company that specializes in O.K.E. training equipment such as the Earthquake and Rhinoflex series of bars


Topics covered include:


- Meeting Louie Simmons

- The Original Crew and training in the 70's

- Jim's bodybuilding career and the importance power-building played


00:10 - Intro

00:30 - Starting as gymnast/Discovering weight training

04:40 - Meeting Louie Simmons/The Original Crew

11:15 - Louie's Early training and developing his system

17:40 - Developing the Reverse Hyper

23:45 - When Louie broke his back

25:40 - The Board/Louie's Coaching/Crew Mentality

32:00 - Generations of Westside/Louie at Westside

39:57 - Louie's Favorite Hobby/Training with Louie

46:00 - Ohio Strong

49:00 - Jim's Bodybuilding Career/Powerlifting Career

58:00 - Louie Stories

01:08:00 - Jim on Louie

01:10:30 - Outro




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