August 12, 2022

Westside Barbell Podcast #54 - Laura Phelps & Tony Ramos

Laura Phelps-Stackhouse currently holds 5 all-time world records, has the #1 total, by formula, across all weight classes, and is the first female to total 11x Bodyweight. She is a shining example of Westside and it's legacy. Aside from achieving G.O.A.T. status, Laura is an accomplished coach, actively training lifters through Queen Bee Power.

Tony Ramos is a professional powerlifter and loyal member of Westside Barbell. He has earned the nickname "The Ninja" because of how he disappears and reappears all the time. Outside of the gym, Tony owns and operates multiple successful businesses, of which his leading company TFR construction, continues to grow and lead the way in concrete installation.

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00:00 Intro 00:10 Start 00:33 Tony's Start at Westside 07:00 Tony's first meet at westside 11:46 Laura's Start at westside 18:45 Tony's Party House, 23:07 What made westside so special? 25:25 Training people to break your own records? 26:30 Tony & Westside 31:31 Louie knew how to treat everyone 36:19 How Westside helped Laura, how they motivated people 41:50 Louie would test you in every way, perfect form, seated deadlifts 45:49 Unique training moments, new forms of training, training to get stronger 53:45 origin of the 5x5s, transition between crews, Louie led by example 1:01:30 Circa max with chains 1:03:00 Tony free squatting, meet stories 1:04:55 Routine up to the bar, life stories 1:14:40 Tony always had everyone's back, Tony & Louie 1:17:41 Louie's network, Louie's numbers 1:24:25 Final thoughts


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