August 26, 2022

Westside Barbell Podcast #55 - Combat Sports Q’n’A

In this episode, Tom and Loper sit down to answer your questions on training for Combat Sports


00:00 intro
00:27 In-season Wrestling Training
01:53 Ab Movemnt for MMA
03:30 Day 3 for a Condensed Conjugate Progam
04:17 Does Dana Know?
05:07 What type of Strengths to address and when?
07:20 How ot increase explosiveness
08:20 Whay are MMA workouts so damn long?
10:24 Weighted Carries
12:13 How to split Upper and Lower Days
13:35 Training Boxers vs Mixed Martial Artists
15:42 Tom's Favourite Carry
17:00 Sprints
17:51 What lifts has the most correspondence to punching power
19:15 Speed Squats - Time vs Reps
20:05 KPI's For Stand Up Fighters vs Grapplers
22:15 Training for Muay Thai
24:32 How do change leading up to the fight?
27:07 Best excercises for wrestling
28:32 Outro


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